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Clubsister Service


Website Advertorial

Enhances customer interest and impressions through a comprehensive structure and content, blending advertising formats for effective product or service promotion.


Influencer review

Leverages the credibility of Influencers to authentically review and promote products or services, enhancing trust and consumer engagement.


Tie-in Video

Creates balanced communication by linking video production with activities or services, providing an interesting and appealing presentation for targeted audiences.


Campaign Marketing

Strategically plans and executes marketing activities within a specified timeframe, ensuring effective promotion of business or organizational products and services.



Utilizes various channels to promote activities, building a strong online presence, and increasing awareness and interest in products, services, or campaigns.



Capitalizes on rapidly spreading news or trends through social channels, generating interest and discussions around compelling events, products, or occurrences.


Online Shopping

Offers a comprehensive service that not only focuses on selling products or services online but also includes activities to influence customer purchasing behavior and boost sales.


Event PR

Manages communication and promotes events, utilizing Influencers to enhance the event’s perception and public relations impact, creating a significant industry or target audience impact.


Video Endorser

A crucial service providing accurate medical information through video to support products or services related to healthcare. With medical expertise, Video Endorsers can explain and promote products, fostering trust and credibility widely.


Video How to

A service creating videos to demonstrate and explain step-by-step processes or methods. Often providing guidance and showcasing various examples, it helps viewers learn and follow along easily. This includes explaining the proper usage and maximizing benefits for products and users.

Our services and operational processes

Influencer Selection: / Sister Selection

We have a team of experts dedicated to selecting influencers suitable for our client’s brands and target audiences. We consider various qualifications of influencers to ensure they can communicate effectively and impact the target audience

Planning and Content Creation for our Sister:

Our Sister team of specialists plans and creates engaging and interesting content for each platform. We collaborate with our Sister influencers to produce content that is trustworthy and resonates with the target audience.

Measurement and Analysis:

We prioritize measuring the performance of our advertising campaigns from Sister and provide clear analytical insights. We analyze the performance of each Sister and advertising activity.

Influencer Management:

We have a dedicated influencer management team experienced in contracting influencers and overseeing content creation, posting schedules, and communication. This ensures the smooth execution of campaigns.


Performance reports assist in evaluating the outcomes of campaigns and projects, helping to analyze success or identify issues. This information is used to make improvements or developments for future activities.

Why Clubsister is your Answer

Clubsister: Our Influencer Marketing Services

We have a diverse portfolio of influencers under our company, spanning the entertainment industry, lifestyle, and various marketing niches. Each influencer holds significant influence over their target audience and can create engaging content for followers and the general public.

Reasons to Choose Us


Our team specializes in managing influencer campaigns and impactful content creation.

Value for Money

We provide high-quality and cost-effective services.

Performance Measurement

Every campaign detail is measured and analyzed to keep clients informed of results.


We collaborate with clients to tailor marketing plans according to their needs.

Our company offers comprehensive services and enhances our clients’ marketing through creative thinking and influential partnerships. We conduct training sessions for influencers and prioritize policy training as a crucial process to develop and improve platform policies.

Policy training serves as a tool to enhance the efficiency and security of advertising creation. It empowers influencers to improve themselves, become more adaptable to new information, and make better predictions or decisions in future trends. Additionally, platform policy management is crucial to ensure that policies are up-to date, comply with regulations, and meet user expectations.

Clear communication and understanding are essential in promoting policy adherence through the services we provide.

Our Experience